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Why do i have to keep resetting my wireless router

Why Do I Have To Keep Resetting My Wireless Router?

One can safely say that the internet has been a big part of our daily lives. It’s one of the discoveries that we are so grateful for. However, behind our internet connection or Wi-Fi is a set of devices being used basically all of the time. I’m talking about modems and wireless routers being used all […]

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How do i know if i need a new wireless router

How Do I Know If I Need A New Wireless Router?

Because we value our properties so much, sometimes, it’s a little hard to let go of it. It might have glitches at times, but there will always be a part of you that says, “Come on, you can do it!” It might get into your nerves but, because you’ve owned it for a long time […]

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How to reset wireless router after power outage

How To Reset A Wireless Router After A Power Outage

Is there anything worse than unfinished work because of power interruption? Power outages are inevitable. Sometimes, they are even unannounced. Once we experience power outages, obviously, everything that runs on an electric current shuts down, too. More often than not, this disturbs our internet connection.  Our internet connection might be unstable after this. That’s why we resort […]

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How to setup linksys wireless router

How To Setup A Linksys Wireless Router

Setting up the Wi-Fi network is not something a lot of people look forward to doing. Most consumers would just prefer to pay someone than getting their own hands dirty. Thankfully for me, I’ve always been fascinated with how these gizmos work. It has led me to have not only a greater appreciation for them […]

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How to connect a wireless router to a hotspot

How To Connect A Wireless Router To A Hotspot?

Wireless hotspots are known in the tech world as access points that provide users with a temporary internet connection. Though typically found in public places, like malls, cafes, and schools, the growing demand for 24/7 Wi-Fi has pushed this technology to evolve. At present, specialized handheld contraptions, which work as a hotspot, have been introduced to […]

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How can you tell what wireless devices are connected to your router

How Can You Tell What Wireless Devices Are Connected To Your Router?

It becomes part of our daily routine to check different social media accounts we have online. We do it so often that we are stuck on the couch the whole afternoon and don’t even realize the amount of time spent just by browsing the internet. Minutes turn to hours easily. You spend so much time online […]

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How to change password on netgear wireless router

How To Change Password On Netgear Wireless Router

In a survey conducted by a British website called Broadband Genie to 2,205 respondents, 69% of them had never changed their router’s default password while 86% had never updated their router’s firmware, not even once, and 70% had never checked what devices are connected to their home networks. These figures tell a lot on how […]

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How to setup netgear wireless router

How To Setup A Netgear Wireless Router?

Apart from innovating components and their corresponding networks, one major change that IT companies have employed  is becoming increasingly user-friendly. They’ve begun to accept the reality that not all consumers are particularly tech-savvy. One aspect that has experienced arguably the largest shift is setting up a router. Netgear, which is known throughout the world as a […]

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How long does a wireless router last

How Long Does A Wireless Router Last?

Have you ever experienced using a wireless router that wasn’t right for your web surfing needs? Not only does it hamper your productivity, but it could cause some serious to your device. That is why knowing how long this tool lasts is a basic piece of knowledge all users should be aware of.As consumers, one […]

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What is a wireless router

What Is A Wireless Router?

What is a wireless router? In this age of digitalization, it seems that everybody needs to be connected to the World Wide Web. It serves as a medium to search for information, upload photos, and communicate with loved ones.As such, several tools have been invented to help maintain a strong and convenient Internet connection. An […]

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