How to change password on netgear wireless router

How To Change Password On Netgear Wireless Router

In a survey conducted by a British website called Broadband Genie to 2,205 respondents, 69% of them had never changed their router’s default password while 86% had never updated their router’s firmware, not even once, and 70% had never checked what devices are connected to their home networks. These figures tell a lot on how people are still clueless on how their local connections can affect their privacy and security.

Most routers have default settings, especially if they are new. This means routers, initially, have a default username and password. Most manufacturers give routers the word “admin” or “administrator” as its username. With the password set as “admin,” “password,” or just a blank setting, which means that there is no password to begin with.

Normally, router manufacturers rarely set hard-to-guess passwords since the default password is meant to be changed by the user the moment it’s set up. But, apparently, not every owner knows about this.

So, why should you change your password?

Since the default username and password is very much known to many, it’s easy for hackers and thieves to get into your network. If you are still using the default settings for your router, anyone, within the signal range, who plans to hack or simply just connect to your network can easily do so. And, once this happens, who knows what they’ll do to your router settings.


The signal range of your router may be limited but it can be detected outside your house, at the very least. Sky's the limit to what the hackers can do to your unsecured network once they have logged into it. They can easily change the password, which forces the actual owner to disconnect to his own connection.

Aside from that, experienced thieves can easily hijack an unsecured network, which would cause a major problem. This would give them the opportunity to access your files and use your internet connection for illegal transactions done online.

They can even download viruses and numerous malwares to our connection. This would seriously harm your files and your computer in general, including other devices that connect to your home network.

computer virus

We would not want to experience these mishaps, would we? Luckily for us, it’s not too late. Protect your local connection at all costs by taking action immediately.

Avoid the unfortunate situations and possible inconvenience to others by doing the proper thing. Knowing how to change password on Netgear wireless router is a good start. You’d be surprised how easy it actually is.

Change Your Wi-Fi Password, Now.

Choosing a strong password greatly secures your network. While you’re at it, change your default username, too. Don’t make it easy for the hackers and invaders.

If the above mentioned reasons why your Wi-Fi password should be changed immediately don’t convince you, then, I don’t know what will. However, if you finally decide to protect your network by changing its password, here are three different methods on how to change password on Netgear wireless router.

Changing the Password on Netgear Genie Routers

1. The first step on how to change password on Netgear wireless router, particularly the Netgear Genie, is to open your browser and type either of the following:,” “,” “” or

2. Once you’re in, log into your current username and password. The default username and password for a Netgear Genie router are “admin” and “password,” respectively.

3. Then, find a tab that is labeled Advanced. Under this tab, you’ll find the Setup tab on the left. Finally, click on Wireless Setup. This is where you’ll be changing your default settings.

4. Under the Security Options section, you will be directed to the page where you can edit your account settings. On the Passphrase field, change the current password to a new one of your choice. Choosing a password that is alphanumeric decreases the chances of other people guessing what it is.

For dual-band router users, the process on how to change password on Netgear wireless router is a bit different compared to a normal router with one band. So, it is important to note that you are required to change the password in each wireless band. This means, you have to change the password for the 2.4Ghz wireless band. Same goes with the other 5Ghz wireless band.

5. After typing the new password, click Apply that is located at the top of the Wireless Setup window. Finally, your password has now been changed.

6. After the changes has been set, close the Netgear Genie router interface. It’s now time to connect to your network with the updated password.

Changing the Password on Older Netgear Routers

1. The first few steps are relatively similar to Netgear Genie routers. Open your internet browser. Just like process with Netgear Genie routers, type in either one of the following to the address bar.,” “,” “,” or

2. Now, log into your router by entering the default account settings with the username as “admin” and the password as “password.” Shortly after you logged in, the SmartWizard program for your Netgear router will flash on your screen.

3. In the left portion of the SmartWizard, you will see the Setup option. Under this, click on Wireless Settings. Below the Security Options, you’ll see a field that is labeled Passphrase. This is where you’ll type your new password.

Again, it helps to have a strong password. You can even have a weird one. That way, no one can guess what it is.

4. After deciding what your new password should be, hit the Apply button that can be found at the bottom of the window. Your new password has been applied. Now, it’s time for your devices to be reconnected using the new password.

Restoring a Netgear Router to Factory Settings

1. On your Netgear router, there is a button which is responsible for the reset of the settings to default. It can be labeled “Reset” or “Reset Factory Settings”. However, there are some models where the reset button is depressed into the router and not labeled.

2. Press the reset button once found. If you have a router with recessed reset button, press it with a tool that has a very thin pointer, such as the tip of a pen or a paperclip. Hold it until you see the Power or Test light blinking.

3. Now, for the waiting game. Wait until your router has fully shut down. After your router has fully rebooted, log into your account online. You’ll have to follow the same steps done with the first or second method, depending which kind of Netgear router you have.

Your privacy settings should not be taken for granted. Besides, the steps on how to change password on Netgear wireless router is as easy as changing your social media privacy settings. What’s your excuse?

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