What is a wireless router

What Is A Wireless Router?

What is a wireless router? In this age of digitalization, it seems that everybody needs to be connected to the World Wide Web. It serves as a medium to search for information, upload photos, and communicate with loved ones.

As such, several tools have been invented to help maintain a strong and convenient Internet connection. An example of this is a wireless router.

Basic Definition and Description

What is a wireless router? Simply put, it is defined as an apparatus that sends data through specific computer networks using radio frequency. Unlike more traditional models, which use different cables, a wireless router performs this task through a WLAN.

wireless router

As a result, numerous gadgets can utilize and connect to the internet at a particular time. If you have Wi-Fi at home or in the office, chances are that there’s a wireless router nearby.

In terms of size, most variations are very compact but they may slightly differ depending on the required size coverage. It looks like a small, black box with copious antennae sticking out of its backside. An adaptor is also connected, which serves as its primary power source.

Where Can This Be Used?

These wireless implements can be used virtually anywhere. Most commonly, these are found in homes, offices, malls, hotels, and schools. There are even times when routers are installed around street corners, just to provide Internet access to the general public.

For residential areas, like a household or an apartment, these tools are usually placed on top of a table. Since it covers a smaller area, there’s no need to do anything fancy with it. Additionally, its usually situated in a common area, so more people can easily connect to it.

wireless routers in commercial spaces

On the other hand, wireless routers in commercial spaces are typically perched on top of makeshift ledges, above the desks and workstations. In terms of practicality, this setup is used so that this device is out of reach and will not serve as an obstruction while everyone is working. Positioning it at a higher level also allows IT technicians to preserve the system and maintain the connection more conveniently.

Number of Routers Needed

Predictably, your requirement will depend on the amount of space it needs to service. But, as a standard rule, your basic router can operate within an area of 150 feet indoors and up to 250 feet outdoors. A single mechanism is good enough for an average residence, while commercial spaces obviously need more, depending on their size.

number of routers needed

For larger capacities, wireless routers can be synced with each other to create a larger network, though it may cost you more money because of its intricate setup. If you’re not keen on this arrangement because of the added expense, you can simply invest in a more heavy-duty model or a signal extender. The latter, though, will not ensure a consistently strong connection, can help extend its capacity.

Benefits and Advantages

Using a wireless router not only has some functional bonuses but some security and connectivity implications as well. Here are a few reasons why having this is a must:

Easy Maintenance

I remember before when dial-up internet was still the standard, consumers had to go through the hassle of disconnecting the landline, re-connecting the LAN cable, and waiting a while for the linking to start. Although going through it was such a pain in the butt, we had no other choice.

In this day and age, routers have simplified this process significantly, more so, for the wireless kinds. All you’ll need to do is activate the Wi-Fi setting on your gadget and you can already access the Web.

In addition, the everyday maintenance is a breeze. Powering it up is as simple as a click of a button. You also have the luxury to keep it plugged in the whole day without fear of disrupting your home’s everyday tasks. Finally, in those times when the network is down, simply restart the apparatus and, more often than not, it solves the problem.

Increased Connectivity

One of the best things about a wireless router is the connective flexibility that it gives. Using it allows more people to go online at the same time, not to mention cater to a wider variety of gadgets. Traditional LAN cables are only compatible with PCs and a few laptops, but using radio signals means that computers, tablets, mobile phones, and even TVs can be linked up to it.

Furthermore, routers do not just help in providing internet access as it can also be used to create a secure offline server. It permits users to share information, send files, and communicate with one another within a safe space. This, essentially, shortens moving digital documents and gives greater convenience to everyone involved, most especially for employees and students.

Secure Network

At present, hacking isn’t something you just see on spy movies anymore. The threat of another person hacking into your server or social media account is very much. Now more than ever, we need multiple layers of security to keep us and our personal information safe.

Not a lot of people may know this but using a wireless router actually serves as a hardware firewall from potential hazards. It masks your network’s IP address so that your location and other sensitive data are kept private.

Aside from that, outside entities will need to input a password before gaining access into the connection. This is yet another provision that should keep unwanted anomalies out. Just be sure to regularly change your passcode or choose one that’s a bit more complicated -- instead of the generic 1234 or your dog’s birthday!

Ultimately, these added security features should finely complement the ones on your gadget and provide you with some much-needed protection.


After learning more about what is a wireless router and the benefits that it gives users, it's no wonder why there is one in practically every household. Most people may think that its functions stop at increasing internet connectivity but it’s actually much more than that.

Once we truly understand how this technological marvel works, we’ll be able to maximize its uses and find that it’s an integral component in our everyday work and home lives. If you are one of the few people that still do not own a device like this, I strongly suggest you run down to your local computer store and invest in one. May this article was able to help you answer the question, “What is a wireless router?”

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