How to setup linksys wireless router

How To Setup A Linksys Wireless Router

Setting up the Wi-Fi network is not something a lot of people look forward to doing. Most consumers would just prefer to pay someone than getting their own hands dirty. Thankfully for me, I’ve always been fascinated with how these gizmos work. It has led me to have not only a greater appreciation for them but a deeper understanding as well.

My personal belief is that, if you want to use a certain device, you also need to know how to properly set it up. This way, you can easily troubleshoot when a particular part is malfunctioning. Since you know the ins and outs of the network, you’ll also be better equipped to protect it against possible threats.

I understand the prevailing notion that this task is a pain in the behind. Contrary to what your friend or neighbor has said, it is really not. But, to prove to you that this is actually a simple task, I’d like to show you an easy, instructional guide on how to setup a Linksys wireless router.

Step 1 – Inspect the Modem ​​​​​

The first thing you need to, after checking if all the parts are complete of course, is to examine the modem. Plug it in and make sure all the lights are properly lit up. Listen to any uncharacteristic sounds, like light cracking or crunching, and place your hand on the sides to see if it’s too warm. Once it all checks out, you can move on to the next step.

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Step 2 – Attach The Ethernet Cable

Once your modem is up and running, it’s now time to connect the Ethernet cable. Insert one end to the internet source and the other to the router’s WAN port. Make sure the size of the cable is just right so that it’s long enough to remain intact and short enough not to look messy.

Ensure that both ends of the cord are securely fastened into their respective slots. After accomplishing this, you can now turn your focus to the router.

Step 3 – Plug-in The Router

As with the initial step on how to setup a Linksys wireless router, power up your wireless router and conduct a quick examination. You can even point the antenna to your desired angle. Do a run-through of all the lights, buttons, and ports, and compare it with the photo on the box.

Should you notice any anomalies during the inspection, contact your supplier immediately to report the issue. If this is within the agreed upon warranty period, which I hope it is, you can simply exchange it for a working model. However, you may need to have a lengthy discussion with the seller.

When this issue is resolved and you’re satisfied with your router’s condition, let us turn to the configuration portion of this “how to setup a Linksys wireless router” guide.

Step 4 – Connect Another Ethernet Cable

The next step is to take a second Ethernet cable and connect it to your computer. The opposite end should be bound to one of your router’s ports. Again, assess whether all the links are firmly joined before moving on.

Right now, you may be wondering if this part is still necessary if you’ll eventually be using a Wi-Fi setup. The answer is yes. The downside with using Linksys is it doesn’t have a wireless setup feature. To access the installing software, the router needs to be physically connected to your gadget.

Step 5 – Beginning The Configuration

After double-checking all the wires, you can now start the configuration. Open your browser and type in on the address bar; a login page should appear should appear shortly after you press enter. Normally, the setup won’t require you for a username so you can just go ahead and leave that blank. As for the password, input admin on the space and click ok.

linksys configuration

Afterwards, you should be redirected to a new window, with a different layout. Look for the setup tab and select it, immediately followed by the MAC address clone option. Then, choose to enable the radio button and proceed to activate the Clone My PC’s MAC command.  Finally, save all the settings before closing the space.

The MAC, or media access code, is a distinctive identity tag used by ISPs to determine whether a subscriber is legit or not. This also helps pair the router to a specific MAC address and ultimately strengthens your network’s security.

Step 6 – Changing Your SSID And Password

Lastly, you’ll need to change the preset wireless settings to something a bit more personal. You can do this by again logging in to the web page, signing in, and selecting the wireless option on the main menu. You will find a space provided where you can assign a special name for the Wi-Fi network. Again, try making it unique so it’s easily detectable. Once you’re satisfied with the selection, disable the radio button, and save the settings.

linksys setup

As for the passcode, you’ll need to go to a different window. Go back to the main page and search for the wireless security tab. Tick the 126 bits 26 hex digits option from the menu. This is a system that requires you to choose 8 characters to form a password. Come up not only with a complicated combination, but something that personal and easy to remember as well.  Add some variations of letters, numbers, and symbols, just to confound things. As soon as you’re done, click generate, followed by the save button.

Accomplishing this step means that your devices can now be wirelessly connected to the Internet. Of course, the final step would be on how to setup a Linksys wireless router to…

Step 7 – Checking The Connection

As I said earlier, the network is now running and open for connections. Take your smartphone, tablet, or laptop and turn on the Wi-Fi settings. Select the designated network and insert the corresponding password. Once it’s accepted, it should allow you to go online. Try loading different types of websites and apps to see if the system is working without a hitch. If you see no imminent problems, then you can go ahead and enjoy all your hard work.


I hope that after reading this article, you’ve had a wider idea on how to setup a Linksys wireless router. Like I said, it may seem difficult at first, only to realize how simple it actually is once you start doing it. This is also something we need to learn so we are able to extend the life of this tool.

If you have any further questions or clarifications on this “how to setup a Linksys wireless router” guide, please leave us a comment in the area below.

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