How to reset wireless router after power outage

How To Reset A Wireless Router After A Power Outage

Is there anything worse than unfinished work because of power interruption? Power outages are inevitable. Sometimes, they are even unannounced.

Once we experience power outages, obviously, everything that runs on an electric current shuts down, too. More often than not, this disturbs our internet connection.  Our internet connection might be unstable after this.

That’s why we resort to the good old reset trick. Doing the proper way on how to reset a wireless router after a power outage should be done. It might come in handy, especially if your area experiences power outages a lot of times.

Router resets allow routers to work like it’s the first time you used it since resetting it technically means allowing it to work from scratch. Resetting a router is often done when you experience network issues like slow internet speed. This can also be done if you forgot your password as it sets the setting back to default.

Before finding out how to reset a wireless router after a power outage, it is important to remember that your router will lose its current settings. Some settings include the router username and password, Wi-Fi and ISP username and password, and any firewalls that were set if there were any. Basically, any configuration settings made to your router.

You can probably tell by now that resetting your wireless router is something to be done with caution. So, if you still want to proceed, below are the steps on how to reset a wireless router after a power outage.

  • 1. To do this, locate the reset button found on your wireless router. It can usually be found at the back but, to some routers, the reset button is hidden or recessed into the router.
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  • 2. If the reset button of your router is not recessed, then you can easily press it with your fingers. However, if the button is recessed, find a paper clip and straighten it. Then, use it to press the button.
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    3. Press and hold the button for 10 seconds. Wait until all of the lights in your router has turned off or started to blink. Some routers have lights that blink and change to solid, or vice versa.
  • 4. After releasing the long press, the wireless router will then restart the settings to default. Now, you can start using it like how you first used it and change its settings by going to the Wi-Fi configuration page.

Now that the proper steps on how to reset a wireless router after a power outage has been shown, it’s time to think about the after-effects of the power outage on your router.

Work is not the only thing affected in this situation. Our computers and other devices might be damaged due to power outages, which brings us to the question, “Do power outages damage a router?”

One of the most common reasons why devices break is because they experience heat damage or heat stress. Power outage itself does not really cause routers to break, but the effect it does on the system inside our devices. If you don’t have a surge-protected outlet and power outages often happen in your area, chances are, the wire and inner circuit are going to be fried once the power returns.

As the line goes, “Prevention is better than cure.” So, before anything catastrophic happens to any of your devices or appliances at home, it’s better to take precautions.

Below are some of the tips to have any device on your home less prone to the damaging effects of a power outage. Better be safe than sorry.

  • Check if each one of your electrical outlets it properly grounded.
  • If you can, get the best surge protector for your outlets. Since almost every device or home appliance runs on electricity, it might be a good option to run it through the surge outlet, especially the ones you use most of the time.
  • Check if all your house equipment is dust-free. It’s not safe for them to be houses of dust.
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    Avoid overheating. Overheat easily damages your devices. To avoid this, have an internal or external cooler.

Invest On Battery Backups

If your area is prone to power outages, you might want to save yourself from the hassle and invest on battery backups. Some brands might not be budget-friendly, but battery backups are a bang for your buck and would really serve you for a long time. While it might not be a requirement to have it, you’d be thankful for a reliable supply of electricity.

If you’re not familiar with battery backups, they basically provide power to a device or equipment whenever the original or primary source is unavailable. A battery backup or uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is commonly used to backup computer hardware components.

battery backup

Such computer hardware includes the monitor and the main computer housing. But, other devices can also be supported by the UPS, depending on its size and capacity. So, in your case, that’s the wireless router.

Aside from being a power backup, the majority of battery backups today can also serve as power “conditioners”. This is done by checking if the electricity flow on your computer and other devices are free from power drops or surges. It checks if the device it supports receive a constant electricity flow to avoid damages.

Depending on what kind or brand of battery backup you choose, some UPS only provide a couple of minutes or power to your device. But, even just a few extra minutes can make be a big difference to what you’re doing, especially if you’re working and you haven’t saved your file yet. A minute or two could also allow you to properly shut down your computer or any device, which could prevent software or hardware damages.

It’s also worth noting that laptops and desktops work differently with battery backups. If you use it on your laptop, you might notice that it will sleep or shut down after you’ve stopped using the UPS on it for a while, but only if it’s not plugged in. This might be because of the built-in power in a laptop’s operating system.

Deciding whether you should purchase a battery backup or not might be a big dilemma, especially if power outages are not a huge deal in your area. However, if your place is prone to power interruptions or outages, it should be a no-brainer. Since the boons outweigh the bane, it shouldn’t be a hard decision.

A few extra bucks spent on a helpful device that would come handy in future unexpected situations won’t be put to waste. Hopefully, you were able to learn a lot from this guide on how to reset a wireless router after a power outage.

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